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Are your alignment problems causing you hide your smile? If the idea of wearing metal braces has kept you from attaining the gorgeous grin that you deserve, Invisalign could be the solution you seek.

Invisalign Basics for Clients

The Invisalign orthodontic system uses a progressive series of transparent plastic trays to gradually move your teeth into position. Unlike metal braces, the custom trays are virtually invisible and won’t make your orthodontic treatment the center of attention. Each set of trays is worn for a two-week period before it is exchanged for the next. You’ll only take your trays out to eat and perform your oral hygiene tasks. Over a period of months, the aligners will correct your malocclusion, crooked teeth, or spacing problems and leave you with a straighter, more attractive smile.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign cost is variable because it depends on the extent of treatment needed to correct an individual’s orthodontic condition. For some, their Invisalign treatment cost will be comparable to the cost of traditional orthodontic treatment. Others may pay more due to extended treatment time or management of complex disorders. Our dentists who provide Invisalign in Sarasota can assess your treatment needs and give you an accurate cost estimate. Contact us to be connected with a great provider today.

Does a Typical Dental Plan Pay for Invisalign?

Many plans do offer Invisalign insurance coverage, and this can greatly reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Consult your insurance company to determine the extent of your coverage. Our convenient, flexible financing options can also help you manage the Invisalign cost. We’ll be happy to make it easier for you to get the quality treatment you need.

Is There a Standard Invisalign Treatment Time?

Because every person’s dental needs are different, treatment times vary. For average adult patients with common orthodontic conditions, Invisalign dentists can usually develop a treatment plan that lasts for about one year. In cases where extensive problems are present, correction may take as long as two years.

The Role of Invisalign Dentists

Invisalign dentists are skilled dental providers who have received comprehensive training in the use of aligner tray systems to correct orthodontic problems. These providers are also licensed general dentists or orthodontists. Our dental professionals are highly trained and talented individuals who can help you achieve a beautiful smile through the use of plastic aligners.

Invisalign vs Braces: How the Best Smile Wins

When the topic of Invisalign vs braces comes up in conversation, an experienced dentist will likely tell you that one of the most effective selling points of aligner trays is the fact that they can produce results that are identical to those of metal braces without the awkward wires and ugly hardware. Appearance is an important factor in orthodontic treatment, so many patients feel that invisible aligner trays are a superior choice when treatment quality is equal.

Beyond Appearance: Practical Invisalign Perks

In addition to the freedom from metal components, our aligner tray patients enjoy these great benefits:

  • Fewer, shorter office visits
  • Easy access to all tooth surfaces for superior hygiene
  • No dietary limitations
  • Easily removable, clear trays
  • Limited mouth irritation from wires

Can Anyone Be Treated with Invisalign Aligners?

Aligners are a great solution for adults with simple orthodontic conditions. Children are not good candidates due to the rapid development of their teeth and bones. People who have severe dental disease or complex orthodontic problems may not be eligible for treatment with aligners.

Keeping Teeth Straight after Invisalign Treatment

After completing your treatment, you may need to wear Invisalign retainers to prevent your teeth from shifting out of position. Your dentist will advise you on how to use the retainers to keep your smile looking great.

Are you ready to show the world a new smile? We can help you explore your options for getting affordable Invisalign in Sarasota. Contact our office today to get started.

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